Neck pain is frequently caused by poor posture, as many of us spend much of the day leaning over a computer.

Practicing yoga can not only help you relieve your neck pain, but it can also help you improve your posture over time.

If you’re experiencing neck pain, it can put a serious damper on your day.

Let’s check out ten yoga for neck pain poses that you can try at home.

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1. Standing Forward Fold

You begin this yoga pose by standing with your feet hip-width apart and your hands at your hips. As you exhale, bend forward from the hip joints rather than the waist.

Keeping your knees slightly bent, fold your upper body forward while lengthening your body. You’ll then bring your hands to the floor, a block, or your legs. ┬áBend your knees as deep as you need to make the pose more accessible.

Next, you’ll let your neck and head fully relax while tucking your chin into your chest.

If you want, you can shake your head front to back, side to side, or make circles. All of these movements should be gentle. This can help relieve tension in the shoulders and neck.

Stay in Uttanasana for at least one minute to help relieve neck pain. Finally, roll your spine up to standing, bringing your head and arms up last.

Standing Forward Fold yoga pose with blocks

2. Extended Triangle Pose

The extended triangle pose is a great way to help relieve tension and pain in your upper back, shoulders, and neck.

To begin this yoga pose, you can walk, step, or jump your feet apart so that they are spaced wider than hip-width. Pivot your left toes forward and your right toes parallel to the back of your yoga mat or towel.

Lift your arms with your palms facing down so that your arms are parallel to the floor. From here, hinge at your left hip while you reach forward with your left arm.

Next, you’ll lift your right arm to the ceiling as your lower your left arm to the floor.

At this time, you can do what feels right in terms of the direction of your gaze. Stay in this pose for about thirty seconds, and then repeat it on the other side.

Extended Triangle Pose yoga pose

3. Warrior II Pose

Warrior II helps you strengthen and open your shoulders and chest, which will in turn help to support your neck.

In this pose, your feet will have the same placement as extended triangle pose. Keep feet hip width distance apart, with both feet facing forward, then turn your left foot to the left. Raise your arms with your palms facing down and keep them parallel to the floor.

Next, you’ll bend your left knee, press into both feet, and extend upward through the spine. Send your gaze out past your fingertips for at least thirty seconds, then repeat on the other side.

Warrior 2 yoga pose for neck pain

4. Cat-Cow Pose

Start this yoga exercise for neck pain in tabletop position. When you inhale, fill your belly with air, allow it to arch toward the floor, and look up at the ceiling. When you exhale, round your spine as your tuck your chin into your chest.

Continue this in a fluid motion for at least one minute.

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Cat Yoga Pose for Neck Pain Relief Cow Yoga Pose

5. Modified Cow Face Pose

This is another useful pose for neck pain, as it helps to open and stretch your shoulders and neck. You can do this one whether you’re at home or at the office.

In a seated or standing position, lift your right arm above your head, bend your elbow and reach your hand towards your neck. Take your left arm, reach it up and bend the elbow grabbing for the right arm. Stay here for a few breaths before repeating on the other side.

Modified Cow Face yoga pose for neck pain

6. Thread the Needle Pose

In this pose, you’ll start again in tabletop position. You’ll first lift your left hand and move it towards the right with your palm facing up along the floor. Use your right hand for support as your body is resting on your right shoulder.

Gaze through the space between your arm and your leg. Stay in this pose for thirty seconds before repeating on the other side.

Thread The Needle yoga pose

7. Extended Puppy Pose

This is a great pose to help support the spine, shoulders, chest, and neck.

Starting in a tabletop position. Keep your hips steady over your knees and walk your hands forward until your chest begins to dip towards the floor. Rest your forehead, chin, or cheek on the floor and take 5-10 deep breaths. Relax your shoulders away from your ears. When you are ready to come out, walk your hands forwards, and come up onto your toes. You’ll then slowly bring your buttocks toward your heels before resting your forehead on the floor in our next pose.

Extended Puppy Pose for shoulder and neck pain

8. Child’s Pose

This classic beginner yoga pose is great for helping relieve neck pain.

In this pose, you’ll again be in a tabletop position. You can either keep your knees together or widen them as much as is comfortable. Then begin to sit back on your heels while relaxing your forehead down to the floor. Take 5-10 breaths before coming out if comfortable.

Childs Pose Yoga Pose

9. Half Lord of the Fishes Pose

In this pose, you’ll bend your left knee and bring your left foot to the outside of your right hip. You can then bend and cross your right knee over your left leg.

At this point, you’ll want to lengthen your spine. Then you’ll twist to the right with your upper body.

Put your right hand on the floor behind you and your left arm outside your right leg. You can position your gaze in a way that makes sense for you. Practice this pose for one minute on each side.

Half Lord of the Fishes Pose

10. Corpse Pose

Despite its unusual name, this yoga posture is a great way to end any yoga session.

Lie on your back with your toes splayed out and your feet wider than your hips. Your arms can come to rest alongside your body with upward-facing palms. You can stay in this pose for five minutes while you focus on releasing any tightness in your body and breathing deeply.

Corpse yoga pose for relaxation

Yoga For Neck Pain Can Help You Find Some Relief

Remember, when practicing yoga you want to focus on your breath and listen to your body. If any of these yoga postures for neck pain feel painful, don’t push yourself. Always consult a physician before starting any form of physical exercise.

Yoga should feel right in your body. Working through soreness is fine, working through pain isn’t.

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