Yoga Equipment for Beginners
May 31 2022 •  Yoga For Beginners
Yoga Equipment Guide for Beginners

At Yoga Beyond the Studio, our mission is to help more people find approachable yoga. We specialize in working with beginners and making yoga accessible to everybody and every body. When you start practicing yoga, it can be challenging to...

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7 Reasons to go on our Yoga Retreats
May 24 2022 •  Yoga Retreats
7 Reasons To Go On a Yoga Retreat With Us

Wondering why yoga retreats are becoming so popular? Ever considered going on one? While yoga retreats can add purpose and intention to your vacations, not all yoga retreats are created equal. Our retreats here at Yoga Beyond the Studio are...

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7 Benefits of Private Yoga Classes
April 27 2022 •  Yoga For Beginners
9 Benefits of Private Yoga Classes

The popularity of yoga is ever-increasing, and more and more studios are opening up throughout the country. Classes are filling up fast, too. While this is great news for instructors, it’s not ideal for yogis. Mass-market yoga classes often skim...

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