Anyone who can conduct a basic online search will quickly discover that yoga will enhance your body, tone your muscles, and alleviate general aches and pains.

It can also help you grow closer to someone else. Couples yoga has become more and more popular in recent years.

We cannot dismiss the power of a touch, especially in a world that has striven to stay six feet apart for a long period of time. A simple, caring touch can release a small dose of oxytocin, the feel-good hormone. When you pair touch with the relaxing, stress-relieving practice of yoga, you have the perfect workout.

You can fight stress and grow closer to your favorite person by doing couples yoga poses. Keep reading to learn fun yoga poses with someone else.

1. Partner Seat Forward Fold

Our first couples yoga pose is very approachable to beginners. The forward seat fold is a simple yoga pose when you’re doing it on your own. With a partner, you receive a doubly good stretch.

Sit down with your back against your partner and your legs stretched out in front. Your partner should assume the same pose, so you’re sitting back to back.

Then fold forward as your partner leans back. The pressure of your partner’s back will gently coerce you into a deeper stretch. Stay in the pose for a few breaths and breathe into your hamstrings before you switch positions.

2. Partner Butterfly Pose

Start in a similar position to the forward fold pose with the partner butterfly pose. Begin with your rears on the ground and your backs against each other. Stretch your spine so that it is straight and do not slouch.

Gently press the soles of your feet together and keep your knees apart. Press your feet closer to your crotch for a deeper stretch.

Focus on your breathing as you do this. Inhale deeply and slowly for a count of four and then exhale for a count of five. Keep up this counting for up to ten times.

If you cannot put yourself in the butterfly position, then simply cross your legs and press your knees down with your elbows.

3. Partner Twist

The partner twist pose helps stretch your core. Begin in the seated position with your legs crossed at the ankles or shins. Rest your backs against each other.

Then each partner should rest their hands on their thighs or knees. Breathe deeply to feel and connect with your partner.

Take a big inhale and reach your arms over your head. Focus on lengthening your spine.

Then exhale and twist to your right. Bring your right hand inside your partner’s left knee. Put your left hand on the outside of your right knee.

Your partner will mirror your movement.

Hold this pose for five breaths. Exhale and untwist. Then repeat the pose on the other side.

Twists help with the detoxifying process and stretch out your core.

4. Partner Breathing

This couples yoga pose encourages mindfulness and relaxation. Begin this pose in a seated position with your legs crossed at your shins or ankles. Rest your backs against each other and your hands on your thighs. Focus on connecting with your partner.

Focus on how your breath feels as you breathe in and out. Feel your partner’s back against the back of your rib cage.

Then breathe alternately with your partner. As your partner exhales, you should inhale. Then as you inhale, your partner should exhale.

5. Partner Forward Fold

Begin this pose in a seated position with your legs extended to a wide “V” shape. Kneecaps should face up, and the soles of your feet should touch your partner’s feet.

Extend your arms toward your partner, and grab their forearm with your palm. Have your partner do the same. You should each be holding your partner’s forearm.

Inhale deeply, and extend your spine. Exhale and fold forward from your hips as your partner folds back. Both of you should keep your spine and arms straight.

Stay in this pose, softening, for five to seven breaths. Release each other’s arms and then move back to your original position.

This pose, among others, will help calm your nervous system.

6. Child’s Pose and Fish Pose

The child’s pose has long been used to help people relax. With a partner, you can complete the child’s pose while your partner does the fish pose. Here’s how.

Position yourself in the child’s pose. Use a wide-knee version to keep pressure off your chest and allow you to breathe more freely.

Have your partner lay their back on top of yours. Your partner should extend their legs flat on their ground as they rest their entire upper body on your upper body.

Breathe together with your partner, both inhaling and exhaling at the same time. Both poses held together will result in a deeper stretch and reduced stress.

After your partner releases the fish pose, switch positions.

7. Partner Savasana

Yoga instructors often refer to the savasana as the corpse pose. They use it at the end of a yoga session to allow the body to integrate all of the effects of the practice session. It also has been proven to reduce stress, improve digestion, and support heart health.

It’s hard to imagine the corpse pose with two people, but you can garner some real relaxation with your partner when you do this pose together. Lie down on your back with your partner next to you in the same position. Then hold your partner’s hand as you relax.

Stay in this pose for five to ten minutes and enjoy the deep relaxation it brings. You will feel a connection with your partner.

This pose is so effortless that you may end up falling asleep. While there’s nothing wrong with that, you could use your partner’s help to remain awake and relaxed. To achieve this, hold your partner’s hand and occasionally (every 5 – 10 breaths) move your fingers ever so lightly as a gentle reminder for your partner to stay awake. In turn, your partner will do the same.

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Couples yoga builds trust and fosters a healthy relationship. You will grow closer to your partner as you feel their body next to yours. Your brain will slowly release those small doses of oxytocin, and you’ll walk away from the yoga session feeling relaxed and happy.

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